Walk Softly and Carry a Bunch of Bricks

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. It’s so rare seeing large Ninjago builds that I always get exited when I see one. Sometimes, it’s just a bunch of sets brought together (guilty as charged) and sometimes it is a magnificent build with a lot of creativity, details, action and Easter eggs. The later is definitely the case with this work of Anton, an Indonesia-based builder:

NINJAGO United Tower

I take my hat off to Anton, he gas truly done something wonderful here. This moc is a great combination of Asian and Gothic aesthetics, which you don’t often see together. It is packed with very nice techniques for asia-styled roofs and windows, as well as an amazing choice of colors. It even has lightning installed, is there anything that the builder didn’t think of? While the building and it’s base are definitely the main features of this MOC, it also has two excellent mechs, not displayed in this shot. The build has a lot of details so I urge you to take a look at the closeup shots available in Anton’s gallery.

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