Welcome to BrickSamurai – a Ninjago themed blog

We’re a group of LEGO fans (better known as AFOLs), coming from different walks of life. What we share is our love for the brick and total lack of experience writing blogs. If you’re already hitting the back button we won’t blame you, but we do hope you stay!

This blog is a part of a larger network of blogs, each dedicated to a particular LEGO theme, curated by a serious and passionate collector.

Brick Samurai will be curated by me – Robert. I’m a Software Development Engineer by day and a terrible sleeper at night. I have many different interests, one of which is LEGO. As you’ve probably guessed, I collect LEGO Ninjago sets, minifigures and basically anything related to Ninjago. When asked to join this project I didn’t have to think hard because as a fan there were always a few things I found a bit odd:

  1. There isn’t a central hub for the fans, but they’re rather spread over several different ones, usually on social networks.
  2. There isn’t a single place where I can find out the latest news – I have to visit a lot of different blogs/forums/groups.
  3. There aren’t that many, easily accessible, Ninjago-themed MOCs – if you’re not following the right people on Flickr/Instagram/etc.

, especially considering how popular and long-lived it is as a theme. (just compare it to the Bionicle community for example)

Having that in mind, the goal of this blog will be to share the latest Ninjago news and finds, discuss Ninjago themed MOCs and, in general, bring the Ninjago fan community closer together.

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