You Meet the Sawerman Only Once

I remember seeing this piece a long time ago, on ArtifexCreation’s Youtube channel. They used to commission Ninjago builds and then make review videos of them – naturally I frequented them a lot. I, once more, came across this MOC while I was looking for images of the stone army. It was created by the very talented Jerac, whose builds, I’m sure, you saw before.

Stone Army "Sawerman"

Right of the bat you can tell that this is no mech to mess with. It looks so menacing. The torso and shoulders are built quite interestingly with marts going in many directions. I wouldn’t call the techniques use them quite LEGO approved, but the end effect is quite striking. Their combination looks a lot like a scorpion as well, bringing the whole build to a completely new level. The builder did a wonderful job and deserves our praise. If you’re wondering how this MOC was build, you can find out by watching this video.


Yeah, I’ve seen this beast before; I believe the creator also did a pretty sweet rendition of Garmadon’s mech.

The author actually has quite a few Ninjago themed MOC – I strongly recommend a visit to his gallery!

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