Zane’s homecoming

I have to admit, I have a special place in my heart for all MOC with snowy landscapes. I don’t build them often myself, but I do feel like they’re more mysterious than those without it. The moment I saw Kai NRG/Geneva‘s MOC I was so lost in the landscape that I just barely realized it was a Ninjago based MOC! It’s based on the scene where Zane fights the robot that’s protecting his father’s hideout. Do you remember that one?

Tree Basement

Snow on top of the rocks is done excellently and with some great part usage the snow really seems like it will overtake all any moment. On top of that (some pun intended) the birch trees are executed elegantly using black pins and white hoses, a part which I’ve never actually held in my hand. Pins I’ve got. In addition to great techniques the build offers a surprise. Just like in the show, there is a hidden room beneath the snow – the room where Zane was created.

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